How do you use a scissor lift?

What can you not do with a scissor lift?

Scissor Lift Safety Hazards to Avoid

  • Open gates Is a Scissor Lift Safety Don’t. …
  • Ladders or Step Stools in the Basket Is a Scissor Lift Safety Don’t. …
  • Climbing onto or Leaning too Far over Guard Rails Is a Scissor Lift Safety Don’t. …
  • Making Bodily Contact with Electrical Conductors or Entering the Induction Field.

What do you need to drive a scissor lift?

Yes, you do. Scissor lifts can be dangerous and can cause accidents leading to personal injuries as well as structural and equipment damage. Current regulations state that all personnel who work with or near scissor lifts must be trained and licenced.

Can you use a scissor lift on uneven ground?

Scissor lifts are capable of working outdoors on uneven or sloped terrain.

How do you go up a scissor lift?

Push the joystick forward to raise the scissor lift.

With the switch in the left-most position, push the joystick forward to raise the platform. If you want to stop moving the platform, move the stick to the center to stop raising the platform.

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How do you charge a scissor lift?

How to Charge a Scissor Lift Safely

  1. Park the Scissor Lift. Ensure the scissor lift is parked in a designated work area. …
  2. Turn the Lift-Off. Power down the scissor lift. …
  3. Connect the Lift to a Battery Charger. Find the battery charger in the scissor lift. …
  4. Confirm the Charger Is Working. …
  5. Disconnect the Charger.

Do you have to be tied off in a scissor lift?

As opposed to aerial lifts, like boom lifts, workers inside the basket of a scissor lift are not required to be tied-off, if the guardrails are properly maintained.

Can you use a scissor lift on grass?

What is a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift? A rough terrain scissor lift is an aerial work platform that can drive on terrain that is not concrete or asphalt. Most people looking for a rough terrain scissor lift rental usually want to drive on dirt, gravel, mud or grass.

Can you use a scissor lift outside?

Scissor lifts rated for outdoor use are generally limited to wind speeds below 28 miles per hour.

Do you need to wear a harness in a scissor lift UK?

The International Powered Access Federation’s (IPAF) official statement on the use of harness in scissor lifts is as follows, as per the IPAF Operators Safety Guide: ‘It is not normally necessary for personnel working from a vertical lift to wear fall protection equipment, other than in exceptional circumstances. ‘

How do you move a scissor lift around?

How to Move a Scissor Lift. To raise or lower a scissor lift’s platform, an operator must select the off-platform-base key switch and move it to the base position. Next, select the lower-neutral-raise switch and move it to the raise or lower position.

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How stable is a scissor lift?

The study found that the scissor lift was stable at all heights up to at least 300 pounds of applied side force.

Can you level a scissor lift with wood?

It is used to support aerial lifts and other heavy equipment. Wood is often used for cribbing, since it provides strength and durability. Yet, how cribbing is built plays an important role in its effectiveness. Aerial lift operators can use cribbing to maintain a level surface.

Can you level a scissor lift?

So what types of scissor lifts can you use on an incline? Electric Scissor Lifts are ideally suited to firm, level surfaces, typically within about two degrees of level depending on the model. The scissor can only function under such conditions, making the machine inoperable on inclines.