Your question: Who can hoist national flag?

A member of public, a private organisation or an educational institution may hoist or display the national flag on all days and occasions, ceremonial or otherwise consistent with the dignity and honour of tricolour. 3.

Who all can hoist the Indian national flag?

Section 2 of the Indian Flag Code accepts private citizens’ right to fly the Indian Tricolour on their premises. Any member of the public, private organisation or educational institution can display the flag on all days — ceremonial or otherwise — by maintaining its dignity and honour.

What is the rule of flag hoisting?

3.7 The Flag shall always be hoisted briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously. When the hoisting and the lowering of the Flag is accompanied by appropriate bugle calls, the hoisting and lowering should be simultaneous with the bugle calls.

Who can hoist the flag on Republic Day?

It is also significant to note that on Independence Day it is the Prime Minister that hoists the flag and on Republic Day, it is the President of India who does the unfurling.

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Who can unfurl national flag?

While on Independence Day, the Prime Minister hoists the tricolour, on January 26, it’s unfurled by the President. This honour is reserved for the first citizen because at the time of Independence, the Constitution had not been adopted and the President, who is the constitutional head, had not taken office then.

Who can be wrapped in tricolor?

1) The flag is flown half-mast nationwide on the death of any of these constitutional authorities during duty period: Prime Minister, President, Vice-President.

Can I put flag on my car?

No, an individual cannot display national flag on a motor car. The privilege to display national flag on a motor car is limited to President; Vice President; Governors and Lieutenant Governors; Heads of Indian missions/ posts abroad in the countries to which they are accredited.

Can a foreigner hoist Indian flag?

Madam Bhikaji Rustom Cama was the first person to hoist Indian flag on foreign soil on 22nd August 1907 in Stuttgart, Germany. The ratio of the width of the flag to its length is 2:3. … On 26th January 2002, the flag code was changed, giving Indians the freedom to proudly display the national flag any where and any time.

Who designed national flag?

Who designed the flag of India? The design of the flag of India that was first presented in 1921 to Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the All-India Congress, was created by Pingali (or Pinglay) Venkayya. It consisted of the colours associated with the two principal religions, red for Hindus and green for Muslims.

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Can we hoist national flag at night?

Indian citizens can now fly the National Flag even at night.

This is subject to the condition that the flagpole is really tall and the flag itself well-illuminated.

Can I hoist national flag at home?

The Indian flag code was modified on January 26, 2002, and citizens were allowed to hoist the tricolour over their homes, offices and factories on any day and not just on national days. Citizens have to follow the rules and regulations about how to fly the national flag based on the legislation.

Who will raise the flag in 2022?

This year (2022), who will raise the flag during the national level Republic Day function in New Delhi? A. Ram Nath Kovind, the current and 14th President of India, will unfurl the flag during national level event held in New Delhi.

Who hoist the flag on Republic Day 2021?

73rd Republic Day

The celebrations will kick off with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the National War Memorial in Delhi and hoisting the national flag at Rajpath.

Who can use national flag on car?

Display on Motor Cars 3.44 The privilege of flying the National Flag on motor cars is limited to the:— (1) President; (2) Vice-President; (3) Governors and Lieutenant Governors; (4) Heads of Indian Missions/Posts abroad in the countries to which they are accredited; (5) Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers; …

Who unfurled the the Indian flag on Republic Day 2022?

Chief Justice of India (CJI) N V Ramana on Wednesday unfurled the national flag at official residence here on the occasion of 73rd Republic Day.

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Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of Independence?

Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee, KG, OM, CH, PC, FRS (3 January 1883 – 8 October 1967) was a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1945 to 1951 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1935 to 1955.