Best answer: What is post harvest infrastructure?

Under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) assistance is provided for development of post harvest management and marketing infrastructure such as cold storages, ripening chamber, pack houses, reefer vehicles to farmers to improve marketability of their produce.

What is post harvest management infrastructure?

Post-harvest management is a system of handling, storing, and transporting agricultural commodities after harvest. … This means having to ensure that moisture, contaminants, and insects will not affect the quality of the commodities.

What are postharvest facilities?

Establishment of ice plants and cold storages, municipal fish ports, warehouses, factory buildings and other structures necessary for the development of the fishing industry.

What is the meaning of post harvest?

Definition of postharvest

: occurring after a harvest reducing postharvest losses also : used following a harvest postharvest fungicide.

What is importance of post harvest management?

The importance of post-harvest management is that it has the capability to meet food requirements of a growing population by eliminating losses, making more nutritive food items from raw commodities, i.e., fruits and vegetables, and by proper processing and fortification.

What are the examples of post harvest?

Diagram 2. Stages of a whole post-harvest system

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(01) HARVESTING handling
(03) DRYING transport and distribution

What is post-harvest in fisheries?

What does “post-harvest fish loss” mean? This chapter introduces the main types of PHFLs encountered in SSFs and the main causes of these losses. Generally speaking, PHFL refers to fish that is either discarded or sold at a relatively low price because of quality deterioration or owing to market dynamics.

What is post-harvest technology in agriculture?

Post-harvest technologies constitute an inter-disciplinary science and techniques applied to agricultural commodities after harvest for the purpose of preservation, conservation, quality control/enhancement, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, marketing, and utilization to meet the food and nutritional …

What is post-harvest PDF?

Postharvest technology is interdisciplinary science and technique applied to agricultural produce after harvest for its production, conservation, processing, packaging, distribution, marketing and utilization to meet the food and nutritional requirements of the people in relation to their needs.

What are the different types of post-harvest activities?

Post-harvest activities include harvesting, handling, storage, processing, packaging, transportation and marketing. Losses of horticultural produce are a major problem in the post-harvest chain.

What are the objectives of post harvest technology?

Objectives of Post harvest technology

To maintain the excellent quality of the produce (color, taste, flavor, aroma). To increases the shelf life of the crops. To keep the fruits or vegetables or commodities free from insects and pests. To get vegetables and fruits fresh all year round.