Does gravely make a good mower?

Gravely mowers are a great investment if you have a commercial landscaping business. They are tough, durable, and can mow just about any terrain. They have a decent selection of mowers, from walk behinds to heavy-duty zero turns. The price is affordable, with a good ROI.

What company makes Gravely mowers?

Gravely was purchased by AriensCo located in Brillion, Wisconsin, in 1982. Today the Gravely brand operates as the commercial lawn division of AriensCo and its products continue to be sold exclusively through its dealer network. Gravely celebrated the 100th anniversary of Benjamin Gravely’s plow patent in 2016.

Is Gravely a good Zero Turn?

If you are looking for your first zero turn mower, the Gravely ZT is a good model to start with. It’s available in three cutting widths, features seven cutting heights and is comfortable and easy to use. The mower is designed for yards up to 3 acres, depending on the size of the cutting deck.

Are Gravely mowers made by Ariens?

The path to purchase took months, and Ariens Co. purchased Gravely in 1982. For a decade, the two brands manufactured in separate states, but today, both brands are manufactured in Brillion, a town of just over 3,000 people in east-central Wisconsin.

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What engine does Gravely use?


Engineered from the ground up for zero-turn mowers, the Gravely 764cc V-twin engine redefines performance. The new design comes standard on Pro-Turn Z mowers with 52-inch and 60-inch cutting decks, delivering more power, more efficiency and the legendary Gravely durability you can’t find anywhere else.

How much does a Gravely zero turn cost?

The Gravely ZT HD series is designed for those looking to dominate their yard and achieve the crisp-cut stripes on their own property, by their own hand.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

Product price $5,999.00
Order total: $5,999.00

Who makes SCAG?

Scag Commercial Mowers are fabricated at our parent company, Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of commercial power equipment in North America.

How much does a Gravely ZT HD cost?

$5,899.00. ERASE ANY DOUBT. The ZT HD from Gravely elevates expectations of style, comfort, speed and precision.

Does Gravely offer military discount?

Ariens & Gravely Company is offering a Special 10 percent “Salute To Honor” Military Discount off Sale MAP Prices for active members of the miltary, and veterans of All services of the Armed Forces.

How much is a Gravely ZT XL 52?

These commercial riders are triple threats; their fully-welded tubular frame ensures staying power, the Kawasaki engine delivers precise power, and customizable seating and armrests allow for ultimate support to maximize comfort throughout the day.

Gravely ZT XL 52 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

Product price $4,699.00
Order total: $4,699.00

Does Dixie Chopper still make mowers?

Dixie Chopper is a brand of industrial zero-turning lawn mower formerly manufactured in Fillmore, Indiana, but relocated to Gibson City, Illinois.

Dixie Chopper.

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Type Manufacturing
Headquarters Gibson City, Illinois , United States
Products Residential and Commercial Lawnmowers
Parent Alamo Group
Website Dixie Chopper Homepage

Who makes Gravely zero turn mowers?

Gravely Commercial Zero Turn Mowers 2020. Gravely, An American Company Owned by the Ariens Family, has been around since 1916. American Workers in Brillion, Wisconsin build Quality Gravely Commercial Mowers that Keep Lawns Maintained all across the US and around the World.

Who owns Ariens mower?

The company began as an iron works, made farm equipment in the 1930s, and began serving a consumer market in the 1950s. Ariens is still owned and managed by members of the Ariens family.

Is the Gravely pro turn za commercial mower?

The Gravely Pro-Turn Z series of packs commercial grade features into every inch of this machine. Upgrades to the Pro Z series zero-turn lawn mowers include the addition of a two-stage, commercial canister filtration system to its 764cc Gravely engine.

What is Gravely pro turn?

PRO-TURN® Z. A SUPERIOR CUT COUPLED WITH SUPERIOR COMFORT. All-day comfort matters just as much as leaving a perfectly cut lawn. The Pro-Turn® Z delivers both. It’s packed with commercial-grade features while staying true to its attractive baseline price.

When did Gravely stop making tractors?

Garden tractors designed by Gravely ceased around 2000. The Gravely name was dropped from tractors in 2002 although it is still used on lawn equipment. Benjamin Franklin Gravely sold the last of his stock in the company in 1940.