How do I decode a John Deere serial number?

Identify the last six letters and numbers in a 13-symbol VIN or the last five digits in a 17-symbol VIN. This is the serial number and is unique to your specific tractor. The serial number can be used to track and identify individual John Deere tractors.

How do I read my JD serial number?

Finding your model number and serial number is as easy as locating the identification tag on your machine. As seen in the example, the model number will be displayed below the MODEL heading (Example: Z235), and the serial number will be underlined on the top-right corner of the tag (Example: 130002).

How do I tell what year my John Deere lawn tractor is?

Stand behind your John Deere lawn tractor and look to the bottom left hand corner near the left tire to locate the identification tag. This metal plate attached to the frame of the mower provides you with the tractor’s model and serial number. Tags may be located under the hood or along the front on older models.

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Can you tell the year of a tractor by the serial number?

In general, you cannot determine anything but the year from the serial number of an older tractor. You cannot find the exact date of construction, original dealer, or previous owners.

What year is my John Deere serial number?

What Year Was Your John Deere Manufactured?

John Deere Model 135 2006 010001
John Deere Model 320 1956 1957 1958 320001 321220 325127
John Deere Model 330 and Standard 1958 1959 1960 Final 330001 330171 330935 331091
John Deere Model 420 1956 1957 1958 80001 100001 125001

What year is a John Deere LA105?

The John Deere LA105 was produced from 2008-2010 and came equipped with a gear drive transmission, 42″ Mower Deck and 19.5hp Briggs Engine.

What year is my lawn mower?

By locating the serial number tag on your machine, you can easily determine your mower’s age. If you have the owner’s manual for your mower, you can also check the date printed on the inside of the manual. This date should be one year after the mower’s manufacture date.

What year is my tractor?

To determine this, look at the tractor production code, also known as the unit date code. The first digit of the tractor production code gives the production year. For tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1974, the digit corresponds with the last number in the year.

How do you read a John Deere 3020 serial number?

Notable was a larger spark-ignition engine (gasoline and LP-gas) and the hydraulic controls were moved from the dash to the right side of the operator (“side console”).

John Deere 3020.

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3020 Serial Numbers
Location: Serial number plate on the rear of the tractor, above the PTO.
1966: 84000
1967: 97286
1968: 112933

How do I look up a serial number?

Android tablet Settings feature

  1. Option one: Open Settings > About Tablet > Status > Serial Number.
  2. Option two: For most products, the serial number can be viewed at the bottom of the device back cover.

How do you read a John Deere backhoe serial number?

How to Find a Model Year on a John Deere Backhoe

  1. Go to the left side of the backhoe tractor, and locate the black metal tag hanging above the front left axle. …
  2. Look for the 13-digit identification number engraved onto the tag, also known as the tractor serial number.

Where is the 17 digit John Deere serial number set?

Model & Serial Number Location

The model serial number of a John Deere riding mower is printed on an identification tag located below the operator’s seat or on the back of the lower frame between the rear wheels. The serial number (PIN) is 13 or 17 digits long.

What year is my John Deere 425?

Serial number decal on the right side of the 425 tractor frame, above and behind the front axle.

John Deere 425.

425 Serial Numbers
1993 010001
1999 070001
2000 080001
2001 090001