How does net wrap work on a round baler?

What does net wrap do?

Research from Wisconsin showed that net wrap reduces harvest losses about one percent. That’s how much you lose while bales are spinning many times when wrapping with twine. Storage losses are quite a bit less with net wrap because net wrapped bales shed water better.

How many round bales will a roll of net wrap do?

On an 8000 ft roll I usually get about 165 5×6 bales out of one roll.

What is bale net wrap?

Bale Net Wrap. Gardien the Protector™ Bale Net Wrap is a knitted polyethylene netting manufactured for the wrapping of round crop bales. Syfilco has been producing round bale net wrap for over 30 years.

How many feet is a roll of John Deere net wrap?

Roll Length

12,100 ft. John Deere CoverEdge TamaTec+ 67 in.

Does Net wrap protect Hay?

The material helps protect baled forage, but when producers fail to remove it before feeding, net wrap can accumulate in an animal’s digestive tract. Net wrap has become the preferred choice when it comes to securing baled forages, but the material is winding up in the stomachs of cattle and causing problems.

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How do you make a net wrap?

Traditional netwrap manufacturing involves a two-stage process. Firstly, the film is extruded into a wide plastic film and wound onto large sized ‘mother rolls’. The film from these rolls is then slit into narrow tapes, which are then knitted together on knitting looms to produce a net mesh.

How much does it cost to wrap hay?

Plastic can cost upward of $6 to $8 per bale, depending on the size of your bale, and a new wrapper itself can cost between $15,000 and $25,000. When made correctly, individually wrapped bales are usually dense, exclude oxygen, and have the least amount of time between being baled and wrapped.

How many times should you wrap a bale?

At least 6 mils – and preferably 8 mils – of plastic wrap will cover the bale. To achieve this thickness, wrap the bale six times with 1 mil plastic or four times with 1.5 mils plastic. With 4 mils of plastic, oxygen leaked through the plastic, which supports continued microbial growth and spoilage.

Who makes Vermeer net wrap?

Today, Vermeer Corporation introduces the newest partner in its forage product line with Vermeer brand netwrap – Vermeer™ Net, available for 4′ and 5′ balers, and Rebel™ net, designed for Vermeer Rebel® Series Balers.

How long is John Deere net wrap?

The COVER-EDGE net wrap is for John Deere 458, 458 Silage Special, 582 Silage Special, 558, 468, 468 Silage Special, and 568 Round Balers.

Baler Roll width Roll length
558, 568, 557, 567 67 in. 7000 ft
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