How much are robotic mowers?

Are Automowers worth it?

While there’s a big initial outlay, a robotic mower will cost you less than $25 per year in operating costs. If you’ve been paying landscapers to keep your lawn looking like an emerald carpet, you’ll realize significant savings in a year or two.

How much does a robotic mower cost?

They can be as low as $600 or as expensive as $4,000. For a quality residential robot lawnmower, you can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $2,000, unless they have a vast area to cover, which can significantly increase the price.

Do robotic mowers really work?

In fact, a robotic mower performs most effectively when used a few times a week, trimming a small amount each time. That way, the clippings are fine enough to sift back to the ground (instead of sitting on top of the grass to yellow in the sun.)

How much do Stihl robotic mowers cost?

Compared to Husqvarna’s robotic mower lineup, both Stihl iMow models have a pretty attractive price. The 422 runs just under $1300 while the 632 is just $700 more at $2000.

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Should you buy a robotic lawn mower?

As long as you’re not dealing with grass the size of fully-grown corn stalks, your robotic mower will prevent you from ever having to manually cut and trim again. And, if you own a small- to medium-sized piece of property, a lower-cost robot mower may be all you need.

Do robot mowers work on uneven lawns?

A robotic lawnmower achieves maximum area output on a simple, optimally rectangular area with zero obstacles to maneuver around; meaning the ground is level and there are no slopes in the terrain.

Do robot lawn mowers get stolen?

Thankfully, robotic mower theft remains very low — probably because if the large array of security features that come inherent with these machines.

How long do robotic lawn mowers last?

The lifespan of Automower®’s blades depends on the type of grass and frequency of mowing. An average lifespan is up to two months for a . 25-acre mowing area. The lightweight blades can be replaced with a regular screwdriver in five minutes or less.

Which is best robot lawn mower?

Best robotic lawn mowers to buy in 2021

  • Worx Landroid S300 WR130E robotic mower review.
  • Stihl iMow 422P Robotic Mower.
  • Husqvarna Automower 315X.
  • Gardena Smart Sileno Life robotic mower.
  • Flymo 1200R robotic mower.
  • Honda Miimo 520.
  • John Deere Tango E5 Series II Robotic Mower.

Do robot mowers mulch leaves?

The short answer to this question is: YES, a robot lawn mower is capable of mulching leaves in yard. However, just like with any mower, you cannot expect your robotic mower to drive over huge piles of leaves and turn them into shreds.

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Can I mow the lawn in the rain?

Before mowing a lawn after a rain, inspect the grass closely to see if any blades are bent over. Once they are upright it’s probably safe to mow. Wet grass tends to cut less cleanly, resulting in larger clippings. These wet clippings like to clump together and block up the mower’s deck.

How often should my automower run?

How often should the robotic lawnmower mow? Ideally, a robotic lawnmower should go over every patch of lawn every two days.

What does an iMOW cost?

MSRP: STIHL iMow® RMI 422 P: $1,299.95**

How much does the Stihl iMOW cost?

*RMI 422 P is able to traverse slopes up to 22 degrees. **Includes battery and docking station (does not include installation or installation kit).

STIHL iMow RMI 632 P: $1,999.95**

Specifications RMI 422 P RMI 632 P
Cutting Width 7.8 in. 11 in.
Average Mowing Time (per battery charge) 60 min. 150 min.

How does a Stihl robotic mower work?


iMOW® is equipped with a robust double-sided blade that ensures a precise cut. The blade’s rotation changes direction after every stop, so it wears evenly and lasts longer. Grass clippings are finely cut and fall to the ground, returning essential nutrients to the soil.