How much does a round baler weigh?

If you asked most people what the round bales they baled or bought weighed they would probably tell you a number between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds.

What is the average weight of a 4×5 round bale?

The 4×5 I have weighed over the years have been between 750-1200 pounds. Coarse first cut or rained on hay on the light end. Oat greenfeed on the high end. The way I got the pressure set the bales of hay fresh out of baler are usually 900-1000 pound range depending on moisture and how good I drive.

How much does an old hay baler weigh?

The large round bales were about 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) in diameter, 2 meters (6.6 feet) long, and they weighed about 270 kilograms (600 pounds) after they dried – about 80 kg/m3(5 lb/ft3).

How much does a 5×6 round bale of hay weigh?

If the 5×6 bale in the example above has a density ten percent less (9.55 lb./ft3), the bale weighs 1,350 pounds while a density 15 percent less (9.02 lb./ft3) results in a bale weight of 1275 pounds.

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How much more hay is in a 4X5 than a 4X4?

Hay Master

4X5 = 78.5 cubic feet. 4X4-1/2 = 63.6 cubic feet.

How much does a 4X5 round bale of alfalfa weigh?


Bale Size (ft) Est. Bale Weight 2 (lb) Bale Weight After Storage Loss3 (lb)
4×5 800 720
4×6 1,153 1,037
5×5 1,000 900
5×6 1,441 1,297

How much do 4×4 round bales weigh?

How Much Does a Round Bale of Hay Weigh? A 4’x4′ round bale of legumes like alfalfa weighs about 600 lbs (272 kg). A 4’x5′ bale weighs 950 lbs (430 kg).

How many square bales are in a 4×5 Round Bale?

How many squares bales are in a 4×5 round bale? How much does a fescue Round Bale weigh? In this area, the typical 4×5 Fescue round bale will weigh about 800 pounds…..the typical Fescue square bale will weigh about 40 pounds….so that equates to 20 bales…..on average….

How many round bales does a cow eat per year?

For a cow needing 8,190 pounds of hay per year and a bale weight of 960 pounds, divide 8,190 by 960 for a yearly need of about 8.5 bales per cow. Multiply this by the total number of weaned cattle in your herd. For example, 45 cows multiplied by 8.5 bales per cow results in a total need of 383 bales.

How much is a big round bale of hay?

The Price of Hay Bales By Weight

Hay Quality Bale Type Average Price
Grade 1 Large Round $152
Grade 2 Large Square $137
Large Round $116
Grade 3 Large Square $123

How heavy is a small bale of hay?

If you want to find out how much you feed your horse, stand on the scales with a bale of hay. An average bale of hay weighs 15 to 18 kg. When you have completed the FeedingGuide and the resulting advice is 6 kg of hay, then you know that you have to feed 1/3 of a bale.

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How big is a round hay bale?

Round bales can come in various diameters depending on what size baler was used to make them. Standard sizes are 5 feet wide and 6 feet in diameter or 4 feet wide and 5 feet in diameter. Most horse owners use square bales because they are uniform, take less storage space, are easy to stack and handle.

How much does a 5×5 round bale of grass hay weigh?

Density matters

The table shows the effect that bale size has on weight by using a 5 × 5 bale that weighs 1,100 pounds for comparison. If all bales had the same density, those of varying sizes would range in weight from 563 to 1,584 pounds. In addition to size, bale density also has a major impact on bale weight.

What do 3x3x8 hay bales weigh?

The 3x3x8 (sometimes a little shorter) work great. They weight 750 to 900 lbs or so and flake off like small squares do. Really like them because they handle easy and a smaller loader can pick them up and stack them, etc. The 3x4x8 foot bales seem to weigh 1100-1300 lbs.

How much does a 5×5 roll of hay weigh?

Bale size and weight

Table 1 shows the effect that bale size has on bale weight by using a 5′ × 5′ bale that weighs 1,100 pounds (lb) for comparison; this bale would have a density of 11.21 cubic feet (ft3).