How much horsepower does a 5210 John Deere have?

John Deere 5210 is a powerful 50 HP tractor, available in both 4WD and 2WD options.

What is the price of John Deere 5210?

John Deere 5210, 50 hp Tractor, 2000 kgf, Price from Rs. 740000/unit onwards, specification and features.

What Loader fits John Deere 5210?

Current John Deere Front Loaders for John Deere Utility Tractors

John Deere 512 Front Loader 5045D, 5055D, 5065E 2WD, 5075E 2WD Non-Current Models: 5103, 5203, 5303, 5403 2WD, 5105, 5205 2WD, 5220, 5320 2WD, 5200, 5210, 5300, 5310 2WD
John Deere 562 Front Loader 5085E, 5100E

How much hydraulic oil does a John Deere 5210 hold?

John Deere 5210 Engine

Engine Oil
Oil capacity: 9 qts 8.5 L
Oil change: 100 h

What horsepower is a John Deere 5310?

John Deere 5310 is a 55 HP tractor designed for exceptional power and reliability.

What is the price of Swaraj 855?

Swaraj 855 FE is priced at Rs. 7.13 Lakhs to Rs. 7.48 lakhs. Swaraj 855 FE tractor is preferred by farmers who have an average agricultural area and use farming implements like cultivator, trailer, rotavator, and seed drill regularly.

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What is the price of John Deere 5310?

John Deere 5310 on-road price in India is Rs 7.89 Lakhs to 8.50 Lakhs*.

How much does a John Deere 5075e weight?

John Deere 5075E

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 80.7 inches 204 cm
Weight: 4634 to 7275 pounds
Front tire: 7.5-16
2WD Rear tire: 16.9-28

How much can a John Deere 553 loader lift?

Compare our Front Loaders for Compact Tractors

Model Tractor Compatibility Lift Capacity
120R 1023E, 1025R, 2025R 1025R: 517 lbs (235 kg) 2025R: 553 lbs (251 kg)
120R MSL 1023E, 1025R, 2025R 1025R: 680 lbs (309 kg) 2025R: 726 lbs (330 kg)
220R 2032R, 2038R 803 lbs (365 kg)
220R MSL 2032R, 2038R 1377 lbs (626 kg)

How much does a John Deere 541 loader weight?

John Deere 5420 Attachments

John Deere 541 Loader
Height (to pin): 126 inches 320 cm (NSL)
Breakout force (at pin): 3484 lbs 1580 kg (NSL)
4125 lbs 1871 kg (MSL)
Lift to full height (at pin): 2500 lbs 1134 kg (NSL)

How much does a John Deere 5105 weight?

John Deere 5105

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 76.8 inches 195 cm
Weight: 3850 to 4500 pounds
Front tire: 7.5-16
2WD Rear tire: 14.9-28