Question: What is a tractor trailer operator USPS?

A Tractor Trailer Operator regularly operates a heavy duty tractor trailer either over the road service, city shuttle service or trailer spotting operations. Qualifications: Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Must possess a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License.

What is a tractor-trailer operator?

Tractor-trailer operators are drivers who operate trailers and other heavy-duty trucks on the roads. … Aside from this, they perform routine checks and maintenance on the truck/trailer they operate and also report any mechanical errors. To excel at this job, they must strictly follow all safety regulations.

What is a PSE tractor-trailer operator USPS?

U.S.Postal Service. PSE TRACTOR TRAILER OPERATOR (P4-08) OCCUPATION CODE: 2395-0005. FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE: Assists with, and operates, a heavy duty tractor-trailer either in over-the-road service, city shuttle service, or trailer spotting operations on a pre-established route to pick up and transport mail in bulk.

Does USPS have tractor trailers?

The U.S. Postal Service owns more than 213,000 vehicles, the largest civilian fleet in the world. … The Postal Service has about 1,800 tractors and almost 3,900 trailers.

Does USPS use truck drivers?

The United States Postal Service, an independent government agency specializing in postage operations and has Tractor Trailer Operator (TTO) positions available nationwide!

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What is a TTO at the post office?

Motor Vehicle Operator / Tractor Trailer Operator (MVO/TTO) is a full-time career positions that come with the famous complete Postal benefits package.

How do I become a TTO for USPS?

Applicants must have a safe driving record, and at least two years of unsupervised experience driving passenger cars or larger vehicles and one year of full-time unsupervised experience (or equivalent) driving a 7-ton or larger truck, tractor trailer or a 16-passenger or larger bus.

What is PSE Sales & Svcs distribution associate?

PSE Sales & Services/Distribution Associate

In this role you will perform a variety of sales and customer support services. The job primarily involves providing services to customers over the counter at postal branches. Benefits may include paid vacation leave and health insurance.

Are USPS tractors automatic?

3 answers. They have all new automatics. With cameras, and no smoking in the trucks.

How many USPS semi trucks are there?

Approximately 140,000 LLVs are in the USPS delivery fleet. A number were also sold to Canada, Mexico, and several other countries.

How many semi trucks does USPS have?

The Postal Service fleet has more than 230,000 vehicles in every class, including both purpose-built and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) vehicles. Approximately 190,000 deliver mail six, and often seven, days a week in every U.S. community.

How much is the salary of USPS driver?

The typical US Postal Service Delivery Driver salary is $22 per hour. Delivery Driver salaries at US Postal Service can range from $15 – $32 per hour.

Are USPS trucks automatic?

As of 2019, all USPS trucks are automatic. USPS trucks are Grumman LLVs, which were designed specifically for USPS. USPS recently announced that Oshkosh Defense has been awarded the contract for the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) which will be a hybrid electric vehicle.

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