Question: When should Baler be inspected?

Every 1,000 hours, operators should visually inspect their balers to ensure all safety stickers are in place and oil and hydraulic fluid is not leaking, Wildes says. They also should look for damage to the structure and frame of the baler, which can indicate an issue with the baler’s shear blade clearance.

How do you maintain balers?

5 Tips For Baler Maintenance

  1. Keep your facility clean.
  2. Maintain baler oil.
  3. Train your operations personnel.
  4. Have spare baler parts available.
  5. Observe proper cleaning and inspection.

How long do balers last?

Harmony balers have been known to be in use well over 20 years, and many over 30 years.

How do you clean a balers?

Cleaning material and dust off of your baler is a simple way to keep it happy and productive. Having access to compressed air near your baler makes cleaning quick and easy. All you need to do is blow any debris off of the baler, just make sure you DO NOT EXCEED 40 PSI of air pressure when cleaning your baler this way.

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How much is a baler worth?

Balers costing below $100,000 can be generally classified as low production balers. A mainstream high-production baler can cost between $100,000 and $750,000 or more depending on options. Ferrous balers can cost between $180,000 to $1 million.

How often should a baler be serviced?

Services should be planned in advance as part of a preventive maintenance program. Depending on the volume of materials you process the frequency of this may differ slightly, but a good rule of thumb is to book in a service every 6 – 12 months.

How does a hydraulic baler work?

Hydraulic Balers Hydraulic balers use an electric motor to pump hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil generates pressure in the rams that drives down the pressing plate. Hydraulic balers are powered by a motor which runs on electricity.

How many bales is a round baler good for?

A lot depends on how well it was maintained and how you will use it. The local NH dealer told me the New Holland’s have a design life of 25,000 bales. You can make any of this equipment go longer IF you put the repairs ad maintenance dollars into them. At some point that becomes non-cost effective.

How big of a tractor do I need for a round baler?

For example, a baler that recommends 50 HP, I’d prefer to have a tractor at least 75 HP to pull it. As others have said, you’d probably be even happier at 100 HP. That said, for the number of bales per year you indicated, you could make do with a 50-75 hp utility tractor.

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How many bales does a round baler last?

Most colors of balers made in the last 15 years or so are going to be able to make 600 bales a year with little or no down time, if, IF you do your preseason maintenance.

Should you wash a round baler?

Registered. Any of you guys make pressure washing your round balers part of your routine maintenance. We keep ours in the shed and always use a gas blower to blow dust and debris out and always tried to keep water as far from them as possible. Ours is just to the point of needing a good deep cleaning.

How do you clean a square baler?

Square Baler

  1. Clean out the bale chamber so it does not rust where the bale contacts the steel.
  2. Clean the area around the knotter so the hay dust does not hold moisture and create an environment friendly to mice.
  3. Remove the bolt that holds the knotter down and raise the knotter up. …
  4. Oil the drive chains.

What is the smallest hay baler?

Abbriata makes square balers in 3 sizes. The smallest of the three, the Mini/S, has a total width of only 59 inches, making it the narrowest baler in the compact square baler class. The narrow width is great if you have gates or trees through which you need to navigate.

How do you round bales per acre?

There are 3 basic sizes. Large round rolls of which you can get about 5 per acre. Then you have a large rectangular bale of which you get about 40 per acre. Small rectangular bales of which you can get about 100.

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How much does a cardboard bale cost?

Cardboard is going anywhere from $10.00-$70.00 per bale depending on your geographic location. At a pickup rate of 6 bales for pickup, you could earn anywhere from $60.00 to $420 per pickup.