What are the factors that depends on the right time of harvesting?

Optimal harvesting time primarily depends on the fruit variety characteristics, as well as on weather conditions during the growing season. Furthermore, optimal harvesting time also depends on the purpose of fruit production: whether it’s produced for fresh consumption or processing.

What are the 3 factors that depends on the right time of harvesting?

While the major factor determining the time of harvest is the maturity of the crop, other factors such as weather, availability of harvest equipment, pickers, packing and storage facilities, and transport are important considerations.

What are the 5 factors for timely harvesting of fruits?

Answer: water content, respiratory rate,ethylene production,endogenous plant hormones,and exogenous factors such as microbial growth, temperature,relative humidity and atmospheric compositions.

What are the factors that affect harvesting?

Climatic conditions, including wind, humidity, rainfall, and temperature influence both the quantity and quality of a harvest.

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What are the factors to consider in harvesting fruits?

The pre-harvest factors influencing postharvest quality are frequency of irrigation, use of fertilizers, pest control, growth regulators, climatic conditions like wet and windy weather, natural climates such as hailing, high wind velocity, heavy rainfall, and tree conditions (age, training pruning, light penetration, …

What are the factors that affect the maturity of agricultural commodities?

2.1 Harvest handling

  • Skin colour: This factor is commonly applied to fruits, since skin colour changes as fruit ripens or matures. …
  • Optical methods: Light transmission properties can be used to measure the degree of maturity of fruits. …
  • Shape: …
  • Size: …
  • Aroma: …
  • Fruit opening: …
  • Leaf changes: …
  • Abscission:

What does Pechay need to grow?

Pechay plants do need sunlight

While these plants can grow in partial shade, they need to get at least 4 hours of direct sunlight in order to grow faster and healthier.

What is harvest time?

Definition of harvesttime

: the time during which an annual crop (such as wheat) is harvested.

What are the main causes of harvest loss?

Mainly, during retailing, rotting, mechanical damage, poor handling, improper management of temperature and relative humidity, and hygiene problems during handling are among the major causes of postharvest losses.

What is food harvesting?

Harvesting is the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields. Reaping is the cutting of grain or pulse for harvest, typically using a scythe, sickle, or reaper. On smaller farms with minimal mechanization, harvesting is the most labor-intensive activity of the growing season.

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What are the pre harvest factors?

Pre-harvest factors viz, environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity, water potential, light, cultural practices and pest management techniques determined the inherent quality of the produce.

What are the different types of harvesting?

Hand harvesting, harvesting with hand tools and harvesting with machinery are the three harvesting methods. Reaping, threshing, cleaning and hauling are the four stages of harvesting.

What is the importance of harvesting?

It’s important to know when to harvest since the correct time of harvest is crucial in preventing crop losses. Losses can be also caused by field animals, plant diseases, insect pests or certain weather conditions. Timely harvesting ensure good crop quality and market value.

Why do we need to consider the best time to harvest fruits?

Crops that need to be harvested regularly must be picked as soon as their fruits turn ripe. This is especially important because the fruit of these crops will rot or over-mature to the point that they get rough, lose their flavor, and can even grow to enormous proportions.

What are the factors that affect the quality of fruits and vegetables?

Post-harvest life of fruits and vegetables is governed by water content, respiratory rate, ethylene production, endogenous plant hormones, and exogenous factors such as microbial growth, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric compositions.

What are the 3 factors that cause the deterioration of fresh vegetables?

The four major factors which affect nutrient degradation and can be controlled to varying extents by packaging are light, oxygen concentration, temperature and water activity.

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