What factors affect harvesting time of veggies?

Post-harvest life of fruits and vegetables is governed by water content, respiratory rate, ethylene production, endogenous plant hormones, and exogenous factors such as microbial growth, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric compositions.

What are the factors that affect harvesting?

Climatic conditions, including wind, humidity, rainfall, and temperature influence both the quantity and quality of a harvest.

What are the factors to consider for the right time to harvest?

While the major factor determining the time of harvest is the maturity of the crop, other factors such as weather, availability of harvest equipment, pickers, packing and storage facilities, and transport are important considerations.

What are the factors affecting the production of vegetables?

In vegetables, production depends on soil and environment. In soil PH, soil moisture, soil humidity, soil texture, and soil fertility are the needs for good vegetables. Other than temperature, rainfall, humidity, and light intensity are also need for vegetable production.

What are the main causes of harvest loss?

Mainly, during retailing, rotting, mechanical damage, poor handling, improper management of temperature and relative humidity, and hygiene problems during handling are among the major causes of postharvest losses.

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What are the factors affecting vegetable quality?

Climatic factors, in particular temperature and light intensity, greatly impact on the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables. Consequently, the location of production and the season in which plants are grown can determine their ascorbic acid, carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, and flavonoid contents.

What are the 5 factors for timely harvesting of fruits?

Answer: water content, respiratory rate,ethylene production,endogenous plant hormones,and exogenous factors such as microbial growth, temperature,relative humidity and atmospheric compositions.

What is harvest time?

Definition of harvesttime

: the time during which an annual crop (such as wheat) is harvested.

What are the factors that affect the maturity of agricultural commodities?

2.1 Harvest handling

  • Skin colour: This factor is commonly applied to fruits, since skin colour changes as fruit ripens or matures. …
  • Optical methods: Light transmission properties can be used to measure the degree of maturity of fruits. …
  • Shape: …
  • Size: …
  • Aroma: …
  • Fruit opening: …
  • Leaf changes: …
  • Abscission:

What is harvesting in farming?

Harvesting is the operation of gathering the useful part or parts of the plant and is carried out at the time when all the nutrients have developed and the edible parts have reached the appropriate degree of maturity. In general, the harvest takes place 10 or 15 days after the grain has reached physiological maturity.