What is the difference between a drum mower and a disc mower?

They’re basically the same thing. The big difference is whether or not they have either conditioning rollers or impellers to help the hay dry faster. Typically a haybine disc mower will have the conditioner as part of the unit. When they talk about drum mowers they are usually just talking about mower itself.

Which is better drum mower or disc mower?

Drum mowers are easily the most rugged of the hay mower types. … A drum mower can be run at even higher speeds than a disc mower, and double the speed of a sickle bar. Low power consumption.

What is a disc mower used for?

Disc mowers are fast and efficient at cutting hay and forage crops for harvest and are available in a wide range of cutting widths and horsepower requirements.

How fast can you mow with a drum mower?

10 mph – easily achievable by a mid-sized utility tractor with a disc or drum mower, assuming it has the horsepower.

Are Fort disc mowers any good?

I use it as a utility mower for mowing ditches, roadsides and around ponds, and for clipping pastures. I used it for hay too the first couple of years. Aside from this recent breakdown, it has been 100% reliable.

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How much horsepower does it take to run a disc mower?

A new 9 ft cut disc mower/conditioner with rubber rolls from NH calls for 65 HP. But if you move up to the 10 foot cut NH, minimum HP is 80. Keep in mind that these ratings are for ideal conditions (flat land, uniform crop, etc.) and running at pretty high ground speeds.

What is the difference between a reel mower and a rotary mower?

The main difference between the two is the method in which they cut the grass. A reel mower has a cylinder of blades that rotate to push the grass up as it’s cut, while rotary mower blades spin horizontal to the grass.

Can you cut hay with a disc mower?

Disc mowers handle thick and lodged hay with ease. High cutting speeds.

Does a disc mower ride on the ground?

Junior Member. All of the disc mowers that I have used and seen, and I am assuming you’re talking mower and not mower conditioner, are designed to run with all weight except that of the hitch resting on its shoes on the ground.

How fast does a disc mower spin?

Drive Mechanism:

The driving gears in disc mower run in an oil bath. The oil bath may be compromised over time by wear or cracks. Blade rotation speed is typically 3000 rpm and most machines operate at the 540 rpm PTO speed.

How many gallons of gas does it take to mow an acre?

One answer to the question is 2.08 acres per gallon or 0.48 gallons per acre.

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Can you cut alfalfa with a disc mower?

Cutting these grasses short results in much slower regrowth and a weakening of the plant because the source of energy for regrowth has been removed. In a grass-alfalfa mixture, the short stubble left by a disc mower delays and slows the regrowth of the grass while the alfalfa recovers at its usual rate.

Who makes Morra disc mower?

Agri Supply ® is your Morra distributor. Morra, the Italian Farming Machinery Company, features Disc Mowers, Rotary Tedders, and Rotary Rakes. ASC is also an authorized Morra parts supplier, providing parts from the PTO Shafts to the hay rakes and mower replacement parts. Morra Disc Mower, 5 Disc, MF 2250, 6.7 Ft.