Your question: Who made white tractors?

The White tractor line was produced by AGCO from 1991 through 2001 when the White line was merged with AGCO-Allis to create the AGCO brand. The White name continues on under AGCO with the White Planter division.

When was the last White tractor made?

Subject: Re: What was the last year for the white tractor? Yep, last one fully built and assembled in the venerable Charles City plant was a White 100 on March 25, 1988. After that, Charles City still manufactured components and the foundry remained active until 1993 but tractor assembly was in Coldwater, Ohio.

Where are White tractors manufactured?

White had been producing large tractors (150 to 193 horsepower) for Deutz-Allis under a joint venture at the White-New Idea plant in Coldwater, Ohio. Production of both brands will be moved to a Deutz-Allis site next year.

When was White tractors made?

The first White brand articulated 4wd tractors debuted in 1969. The new 139 horsepower tractors were offered as the Oliver 2455, Minneapolis-Moline A4T-1400 and WHITE Plainsman A4T-1600. WHITE tractors in 1969 began displace the Cockshutt name in Canada and the Plainsman was only sold north of the U.S. border.

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Are whites good tractors?

It’s the most reliable tractor we have ever owned. The 5.9 Cummins is strong and the transmission is bullet proof. The air conditioning will freeze you out. I think it was every bit as good as the JD 30, 40, 50, 55 and 60 series tractors and better in the fuel economy respect.

When did AGCO stop making White tractors?

AGCO White logo The White tractor line was produced by AGCO from 1991 through 2001, when the White line was merged with AGCO-Allis to create the AGCO brand. The White name continues on under AGCO with the White Planters division. The White Outdoor Equipment portion that built Lawn & Garden equipment was sold to MTD.

Who bought out Minneapolis-Moline?

White Motor Company had bought out Minneapolis-Moline back in 1963, and the G1355 and G955 were the end of the line. The G1355 was built at the Oliver factory in Charles City, Iowa.

Does AGCO still make White tractors?

White Farm Equipment is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, now discontinued except for planters, and owned by AGCO.

What engines did White tractors use?

That had changed by the 1970s, as Oliver and its parent company White were no longer making crawlers. The engine of choice for the 2255 was the Cat 3150 V8 diesel engine. Competitive tractor manufacturers tried their hand at using V8 power in their tractors, but without much success.

Who owns Lamborghini tractors?

Lamborghini Trattori

Type Public company
Headquarters Pieve di Cento , Italy
Key people Ferruccio Lamborghini (founder)
Products Tractors
Parent SDF Group
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Who bought out White?


Product type Correction fluid
Owner Société Bic (1992)
Introduced 1966
Related brands Liquid Paper, Tipp-Ex
Previous owners Wite-Out Products, Inc.

What company bought Allis-Chalmers?

Lime Rock Partners | Seawell to Acquire Allis-Chalmers Energy in USD 890 Million Transaction.

Can you still get parts for white tractors?

White Tractor Parts from TractorJoe

TractorJoe offers thousands of White tractor parts, including alternators, gaskets, starters, hydraulic pumps, water pumps and more. … TractorJoe sells direct, so you can save up to 70% off White tractor parts over dealer prices!

What happened to Oliver tractors?

Oliver tractors were manufactured until 1976 when the last Oliver 2255 rolled down the assembly line. The silver-colored White tractors had replaced the Oliver tractor. Throughout the many mergers and corporation maneuvering, nothing remains of the original Oliver company, which began its legacy in South Bend, Indiana.

Who owns Oliver tractors?

Between 1916 and 1944, there were approximately 75 different crawler models. White Motor Corporation – In 1960, White Motors acquired the Oliver Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary.