Best answer: How much can a 13t excavator lift?

How much weight can an excavator pick up?

Your rental dealer should have access to machine lift charts to help make this determination. At a 10-foot radius, lift-over-end capacities of these machines range from 430 to about 10,000 pounds, and lift-over-side capacities go from 210 to 6,700 pounds.

How much weight can a 20 ton excavator lift?

The 20-ton model is a purpose-built machine whose specifications position it between the company’s existing EC220E and EC180E units in the EMEA region.

Key specifications:

Operating weight kg 19 870 – 24 580
Lifting capacity, along undercarriage lb 16,138
. . . at reach / height m 6.0 / 1.5
ft 20 / 5

How deep can a 13 ton digger dig?

13 tonne JCB JS130 Tracked Excavator 2013

Working Range Millimetres (feet-inch)
Dipper length 2.50m (8ft-2in)
A Maximum digging reach 8340 (27ft-4)
B Maximum digging reach (on ground) 8197 (26ft-11)
C Maximum digging depth 5530 (18ft-2)

How much can a 5 tonne excavator lift?

The Kubota excavators can lift from 480kg to 1.5t depending on the position of the boom and arm.

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How much can a 14 ton excavator lift?

Displaying details for 13t/14t Excavator

13t/14t Excavator
Track Width 2.69 m
Track Type Steel or Rubber Pads
Max Lifting Capacity at Ground Level 4.80 t
Min Lifting Capacity at Full Reach 1.30 t

How much can a 3.5 ton excavator lift?

The 3.5 t excavator is suitable for a range of jobs.

Main Features.

Weight 3320 kg
Dimensions 4760 mm L x 1690 mm W x 2440 mm H
Digging depth 3186mm
Lifting capacity 590 kg @ max radius & 2.5m high over front blade down
Speed 4.8 km/h

How much can a Cat 320 excavator lift?

The 320E Heavy-Lift delivers the lifting capability of a 324 in the footprint of a 320E. The Caterpillar 320 Heavy uses a heavy counterweight to offer similar lifting capacity to a 324 size machine. In the current economy, you need to figure out how to get the most out of your equipment investment.

How big is a 20 ton excavator?


The EC200E has a maximum digging reach of 32 feet 9 inches and a maximum digging depth of 22 feet 3 inches, with a lifting capacity of 16,138 pounds.

How much fuel does a 13t excavator use?

13-14 Tonne Excavators – Volvo EC140EL

Max Outreach 7980mm
Fuel Diesel
Tank Capacity 250 Litres
Noise (Cab) 70dB(A)

What weight is a JCB js130?

Machine equipped with 4.7m Monoboom, 2.5m Dipper, Standard Excavating Bucket, operator and full fuel tank. Shoe Width Operating Weight Bearing Pressure 500mm (20in.) 12766kg (28144lb) 0.41kg/sq.

How wide is a 13ton digger?

This item requires a lorry to deliver

Model ZX 130 LCN-6
Max cutting height 8930mm
Machine Height 2870mm
Machine Width 2690mm
Machine Length 7710mm
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How much can a 8 tonne excavator lift?

This 8T excavator for medium to large projects features a 70HP engine and 3 pump load sensing hydraulic system that powers through the harshest conditions.

Main Features.

Weight 8290 kg
Dimensions 6450 mm L x 2200 W x 2540 mm H
Digging depth 4600mm
Lifting capacity 1.65 ton @ 5m radius & 3m high over front blade down

How much can a 5.5 ton excavator lift?

Main Features

Weight 5685 kg
Dimensions 5550 mm L x 1960 mm W x 2550 mm H
Digging depth 3630mm
Lifting capacity 1.18 ton @ 4m radius & 3m high over front blade down
Speed 4.8 km/h

What weight can a 3 tonne excavator lift?

3 Ton Mini Diggers are the work horse of the utility sector, with a class leading dig depth of 2.7m and a good amount of power they are able to make short work of trenches even in ground with a high clay content. With a weight of 2600KG these machines are capable of being towed behind commercial vehicles.