How deep does a mini excavator dig?

When it comes to digging, a 3,000-3,999 pound mini excavator can dig a 7.8-foot-deep hole, while 7,000-9,999 pound excavators can dig as deep as 10.2 feet.

What excavator can dig the deepest?

The deepest diggers are standard hydraulic excavators. These also have the greatest horsepower. The most powerful has 243 HP and can dig to a depth of 26 feet, 7 inches.

How deep can a 1.7 excavator dig?

Perfect for Small Spaces

The tracks on this excavator retract to a width of 990mm, meaning not only will it be able to fit through side gates, but it will also be able to move between homes. This doesn’t restrict it’s digging capabilities with a 2.3m dig depth and a 3.9m reach.

How deep can a 2 ton digger dig?

How Deep Can a Mini Excavator Dig?

Tonnage Category Dig-Depth (feet)
1-1.7 Tons Mini 6.9 ft
1.8-2 Tons Mini 7.2 ft
2.1-2.4 Tons Mini 7.5 ft
2.5-2.7 Tons Mini 8 ft

How deep can a 20 tonne excavator dig?

Key specifications:

Operating weight kg 19 870 – 24 580
Max. digging reach mm 9 993
ft in 32’9″
Max. digging depth mm 6 781
ft in 22’3″
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Is a mini excavator considered heavy equipment?

Heavy equipment means self-propelled, self-powered or pull-type equipment and machinery, including generators weighing 5,000 pounds or more, primarily employed for construction, industrial, and forestry uses (e.g., water tender, backhoe, mini-excavator, and SWECO tractor).

Can a mini loader dig?

The ultimate post hole digger is a mini loader with a digger attachment. It can dig a hole up to 600mm in diameter to a depth of two metres with an extension.

How deep can a 5 ton digger dig?

Excavator Overview

5 Ton VOLVO ECR50D Excavator with a short swing radius. Has a dig depth of 4m. The digger comes on rubber tracks to reduce ground damage.

Can a mini digger go through house?

Mini diggers are easily transported. Noise levels are considerably less than larger equipment. The compact design of allows for easy maneuverability through doorways, gates and other small access points.

How much weight can a mini digger lift?

Displaying details for 3.5t Mini Digger

3.5t Mini Digger
Track Width 1.55 m
Track Type Rubber
Max Lifting Capacity at Ground Level 1.48 t
Min Lifting Capacity at Full Reach 0.34 t

How deep can you dig with a bobcat?

For example, on some of Bobcat’s smaller machines, you can use a backhoe that digs to a depth of 6 feet with a skid steer as narrow as 36 inches.

How deep can an 8t excavator dig?

The 8 tonne JCB 8080 is a very popular size of tracked digger. The maximum digging reach on ground is 21ft 11inches which makes it a favourite for clearing drainage ditches and working near off camber terrain.

How big is a 20 ton excavator?


The EC200E has a maximum digging reach of 32 feet 9 inches and a maximum digging depth of 22 feet 3 inches, with a lifting capacity of 16,138 pounds.

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How deep can a crane dig?

Cranes with long bills use one of two feeding strategies. “Diggers” dig holes in wet mud to look for tubers, root vegetables like potatoes. The holes are sometimes 1.6 feet (0.5 meters) deep.