How tight should the chain be on a trencher?

A good rule of thumb when checking tension is: two fingers should fit between the chain and the lowest part of the boom when the boom is parallel to the ground. This translates to approximately 1.5 to 2 inches. Additional signs of wear and tear include: worn chain rollers, digging teeth, side bars and sprockets.

How much slack is in a trencher chain?

Typically, no less than 1” and no more than 3”.

How do you adjust the chain on a Ditch Witch trencher?

Don’t try to make adjustments to the Ditch Witch while it is running.

  1. Loosen the four or six bolts, depending on the model, in the middle of the boom so that it will swing freely. …
  2. Loosen the jam nut on the adjustment screw. …
  3. Turn the adjustment screw to adjust the tension of your chain.

How do you tighten the chain on a Dingo trencher?

1 Lower the trencher and stop the engine. 2 Remove the spanner from the side of the trencher. Note: The butt of the spanner locks the adjustment nut. 3 Using the spanner, rotate the adjustment nut counterclockwise to extend the trencher boom to tighten the chain.

How do you maintain a trencher?

Adopt basic maintenance best practices

  1. Inspect the trencher before each use. Look for signs of wear and tear. …
  2. Keep up with preventive maintenance tasks. …
  3. Check and change the oil regularly. …
  4. Lubricate if needed. …
  5. Clean the trencher, including the chain, often. …
  6. Check the air filter regularly.
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How do you tighten a Barreto trencher chain?

Use a 1/2 inch open-end wrench to tighten or loosen the adjuster screw. Adjust the screw until there is about a 1 inch gap (3.8 cm, or about two fingers wide) between the bottom of the boom and the lowest part of the top of the chain.

What does a Ditch Witch do?

Uses for the Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch was designed to dig small trenches. There have been machines such as steam shovels and wheel trenchers available for more than a century to dig big trenches, but such machines are unsuitable for small trenches such as the ones used to carry water, power and telephone lines.