Question: How wide is a walk behind trencher?

You can commonly dig a trench from 12 to 48 inches deep and 3 to 16 inches wide using a rented walk-behind trencher. Most compact ride-on trenchers let you dig trenches about 48 inches deep and up to 12 inches wide, but some heavy-duty trenchers allow you to dig trenches as deep as 6 feet and as wide as 16 inches.

How wide is a trencher trench?

A good rule of thumb: A walk-behind trencher will work best up to a depth of 48 inches and a width of 8 inches.

How wide is a Ditch Witch trencher?

At only 32″ (813 mm) wide, the Ditch Witch 1030 walk-behind compact trencher can go anywhere and dig in any type of dirt, thanks to the variety of digging chains it can run, including the patented, super-durable Shark Chain II trencher chain. and it doesn’t mess around, with a digging chain speed of 276 fpm (84 m/min).

How wide is a trencher blade?

Several blade options are offered, from 1/2-inch wide up to 7 inches deep; 2 ½-inches wide up to 7 inches deep; and 5 inches wide by 5 inches deep.

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How wide is a 24 inch trencher?

24 in Trencher powered by Kohler Commercial 3 yr warranty 3600 rpm CH440 14 HP. High pressure sintered 27 Tungsten Carbide cutters trench at 1800ft/min.


Chain Speed 1800 FT Per Minute
Assembled Dimensions 85 x 36 x 48″
Weight 375 lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions 44 x 31 x 38″ 474lb

How deep and wide does a Ditch Witch dig?

Our depths range from 12 inches up to 48 inches.”

How big is a trencher?

Most trenchers under this category can easily reach down to 3 feet with ease. Some can even go up to 5 feet. Most rental yards have 10” or 12” wide chains. Some boast of large trenchers on wheels.

How wide is a ditch?

The normal ditch depth for rural highways is 5 feet and the normal ditch width is 10 feet.

How wide is a Ditch Witch Blade?

Monster Blade, Ditch Witch 6 bolt – 5″ wide 3/4″ Thick – 16mm SHCS.

How long does it take to trench 300 feet?

Dug, pipe laid and backfilled about 11 to 13hours, only digging can be done in 9 hours or so. We average 280-300 ft per hour digging a 48″ deep trench with an excavator putting in non grade lines to pivots.

How deep can trenchers dig?

Trenchers work in rock or tightly cemented soils (deeper trenches). In these cemented soils, the walls will remain vertical for ease of laying in pipe. In these applications, the trencher carves the trench often to depths of 16 to 24 inches.

How are trenchers measured?

Determine the volume of the trench by using the formula: Volume = Width x Length x Depth. As an example, a trench 12 feet long with an average width of 2.3 feet and an average depth of 5 feet has a volume of (12 x 2.3 x 5) cubic feet.

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How deep will a 24 in trencher go?

As a 24 inch trencher, the walk behind trencher can reach a depth of 24 inches, and is ideal for maneuvering in an enclosed area or a work site with limited space.

How much does a 24 inch trencher weigh?

This trencher is powered by an air-cooled gas engine with hydrostatic drive for smooth operation. Compact, weighing up to 1,160 lbs.

Do trenchers cut through roots?

Although a trencher can be used to cut through roots, it was designed for creating trenches in soil and may not be able to handle large roots.