What is a thumb on a mini excavator?

The Strickland Main Pin Hydraulic thumb is a custom-designed thumb built around the existing bucket. The thumb tine spacing is set to mesh perfectly with the teeth on the bucket. The thumb pivots on the same pin as the bucket or coupler allowing the thumb to follow the same curl radius as the bucket.

What is a thumb on a excavator?

The hydraulic thumb is a versatile attachment that can easily pick up bulky materials such as big rocks, debris, trees and logs with precision. … The hydraulic thumb provides greater range of motion often up to 180°. This allows the operator to pick and place objects with increased versatility and load control.

How does a manual thumb work?

“Mechanical thumbs are fixed in one position and the bucket must curl against it,” he points out. “Most mechanical thumbs have three manually adjusted positions. … This allows the thumb to grip throughout the entire range of the bucket. You can pick and place objects further around the end of the stick.

How is thumb excavator measured?

Measure – Standing in front of the bucket ( between the machine and the arm) measure from the flat front of the arm right above the top of the bucket, across the bucket to the edge of the teeth. Pin On Style – Pin on thumbs require 3 different measurements.

What is a thumb attachment?

A thumb on a mini excavator can make it a versatile tool in construction, landscaping or recycling. A thumb, also known as a clamp, is a vital excavator attachment that can add productivity and flexibility.

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What is a mechanical thumb on a backhoe?

The mechanical thumb for a backhoe attaches to the boom and has 5 possible positions to help you stabilize materials which are hard to control. Simply fold it back or slide out of the way when not in use. … A mismatched thumb will result in damage to your backhoe, as larger backhoes have more bucket force.