Which type of excavator is used for digging at or below the operating level?

11. _________________ type of excavator used for digging the foundation trenches below operating level. Explanation: Back trench hoe excavator can also be used for the excavation of smaller areas such as basement, footing and trenches.

What machine is used for digging?


When it comes to tools and equipment used in landscaping for digging, excavators excel at the task. Cat excavators have a design specially to handle digging. Whether you need deep and wide holes or smaller trenches, you should have an excavator.

Which equipment is used to dig soil at or above footing level of instrument?

Hoe is an excavating tool which consists a metal plate attached to a long handle with acute angle. The plate having sharp edge is used to excavate the soil.

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What is an excavator used for MCQ?

Clarification: Power shovel excavator is used to dig at or above the operating level. It can handle loose rock and the material caught in the shovel can be suitably disposed off.

What is used to excavate underwater materials?

Explanation: Ditcher is mainly used to excavate Trenches from mains, gas lines, oil pipelines, telephone cable, drainage lines etc.

What is excavator used for?

Excavators are primarily used for landscaping, digging holes and trenches, lifting and placing large objects, and demolishing structures. Other tasks can also be accomplished by using hydraulic attachments such as grapples or augers.

How many types of excavators are there?

The mechanical excavators or the cable-operated excavators are of two types: the hoe and the shovel. In the hoe type excavators, the bucket faces and digs towards the machine while in the shovel type excavator, the bucket faces and digs away from the machine.

What are the different tools used for digging and pulverizing the soil?

Choose from the oscillating hoe, the warren hoe, or the collinear hoe, just to name a few. This tool is a necessity when your soil is rocky or full of tree roots. Use the broad hoelike blade to pulverize small rocks and soil clods.

What is needed for excavation?

What excavation equipment might be necessary for your project?

  • Backhoe loader. These have an adjustable shovel in the front and a bucket in the back. …
  • Bulldozer. You can think of this piece of machinery as the monster of the excavation industry. …
  • Crawler loader. …
  • Excavator. …
  • Skid-steer loader. …
  • Trencher.
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Which is not an excavating and moving type of equipment?

An earth moving equipment costs Rs.

Q. Which one of the following is not an excavating and moving type of equipment?
B. Clam shell
C. Scraper
D. Dump truck
Answer» d. Dump truck

Which are the most commonly used equipment for transportation?

The most commonly used vehicles for transportation are trucks.

What is the part of building constructed above the plinth level?

Explanation: Superstructure is constructed of above the plinth level which consists of RCC walls and columns, upper floors, sills, Lintels, etc. Whereas, substructure is a part of building constructed below the plinth level which consists of foundation plinth, etc.

Which type of excavator is used for digging below at or above operating level in a vertical range?

12. _________________ type of excavator is used for digging below, at or above operating level in a vertical range. Explanation: The Clamshell excavator are widely used for rehandling of material and for working in Limited space as in case of foundation trenches for pipelines, etc.

Which equipment is used to excavate the earth up to 5m depth?

Explanation: The bulldozer is versatile earth equipment used for a short distance of 100m if it exceeds 100 m other equipment can also be used.

Which of the following equipment is used for material compaction?

Sheepsfoot rollers are used for compacting fine grained soils such as heavy clays and silty clays. Sheepsfoot rollers are used for compaction of soils in dams, embankments, subgrade layers in pavements and rail road construction projects. Sheepsfoot rollers are of static and vibratory types.

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