How do you replace a broken shear pin on a snowblower?

Why do shear pins break?

When a foreign object gets jammed between the housing and the augers, the gears begin to bind and wear inside the gear case. The shear pins are designed to break so that the auger shaft and gears can keep spinning freely without the additional friction from a jammed object.

Why does my snowblower keep breaking shear pins?

The shear bolts keep breaking in the auger or impeller of my snow blower / thrower can I use a regular bolt? NO, The fact that the shear bolt is broken is an indication that the impeller or auger has impacted against something that the machine is not designed or capable of processing.

What happens when a shear pin breaks?

Typically, when a shear pin breaks, only half of it will fall out while the other half remains inside the auger shaft hole. To remove it, carefully rotate the auger to align the holes in the auger with the holes in the auger shaft.

Are all snowblower shear pins the same size?

There are three basic sizes of shear bolts, and it’s important to select the correct one for your snowblower to ensure it fits and works correctly. Brass 1/4″ shear bolts are most commonly used on smaller, entry-level snowblowers. Black 5/16″ shear bolts are for larger mid-grade snowblowers.

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Is a clevis pin the same as a shear pin?

Not a shear pin. Clevis pin or picker pin. Basically a 3/8 straight pin that a cotter key goes through to hold the pin in. Might try some grade 5 bolts.

How tight should snowblower shear pins be?

I tighten them up just enough so the bolt can be turned by hand in the hole. Overtighten them and you in effect make the auger and rakes a single entity and the shear bolts likely won’t break if you hit something.

What is a shear pin made of?

Material. A shear pin could potentially be made from any material although metal is the most common. When making a metal object for a mechanical application, an alloy and tempering is usually selected to make the construction resistant to damage.

How do you remove a shear bolt?

Placing the tip of the tool on the outer edge of the shear head bolt and depressing it while applying counterclockwise pressure will quickly loosen them. Using a rubber pencil eraser against the top of the bolt and continuing to rotate counterclockwise will remove the bolt.

How do you remove an old shear pin?

Line up the auger blade carefully and try to start with a center punch as dead middle of the bolt as possible. If you drill a hole to start then use a smaller diameter punch the sheared over metal that’s keeping it stuck in place should deform right back straight and come out.