Question: What is the best wood for a flatbed truck?

The answer is Apitong also known as Keruing. Apitong / Keruing is used by all major flatbed trailer manufactures like Great Dane, Fontaine, Wilson, Transcraft, MAC, Wabash, Doonan Specialized Trailer, XL-Specialized and more. They are the professionals and they know what is best. They all choose Apitong / Keruing.

What is the best wood to use on a flatbed trailer?

Southern Yellow Pine is our standard lumber. This wood is native to the Southern United States and has great loading bearing capacity. It is one of the hardest pines and provides outstanding durability for trailer decking.

What kind of wood do you use on a trailer?

Rough oak is used for trailer decking primarily for its strength. Oak is one of the only decking materials recommended for use with tracked equipment such as skid steer loaders and excavators. In the trailer industry, oak decking is referred to as “rough” oak for a reason.

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How thick should a wood trailer deck be?

The popular thickness would be 3/4″ of some kind of wood. If you do have that, then we recommend going with 0.045″ or 0.063″ (1/16″). The more structure and support you have on the bottom, the thinner you can go. 0.045″ would be the thinnest we recommend.

Is Red Oak good for trailer decking?

It is suitable for building boats and outdoor furniture while red oak wood should be used only for cabinets and indoor furniture. Due to its durability, white oak is slightly costlier than red oak. Oak wood is an appropriate choice for building truck trailer decking.

Is Cedar good for trailer decking?

Description: Western Red Cedar is popular for decking, siding and paneling applications. It is not a good industrial wood despite its natural durability. It is too soft for any reasonable application in the truck and trailer industry.

Is Poplar good for trailer decking?

Re: Trailer Decking

Yes cotton wood is a very durable decking material and is used by many trailer builders for decking. Specifically white poplar is the best of the cotton woods for decking.

What is Keruing wood?

Keruing wood – The heartwood of Keruing ranges from a light to medium yellowish brown to a darker red brown. Overall appearance and grain patterning is rather homogenous and bland. Keruing is a versatile timber – you can use our interactive system for typical uses for Keruing.

Is Ash good for trailer decking?

Ash is a fairly hard, resilient wood (which makes it good for tool handles and baseball bats). Should be good for decking.

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What is Southern yellow pine used for?

Many companies use southern yellow pine in the manufacturing of trusses and other construction framing, modular home and deck construction, and in pallets, crating, and other packaging.

Is Douglas fir good for trailer decking?

It is one of the hardest pines and provides good trailer floor decking, though the lumber has knots. Douglas Fir: The lumber from this tree is known for its dimensional stability. It is sourced from the Western United States. It is a strong wood and has natural rot resistance.

How thick is the plywood and trailers?

The Common Plywood Thicknesses

1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″ plywood are the most common interior wall thicknesses for an enclosed tool trailer. These are nominal sizes, so you may find that your trailer actually has 19/32″ walls instead of a true 5/8″. No biggie.

What is apitong trailer decking?

Apitong is the most popular exotic hardwood species that you can find in South East Asia. It is widely known as Keruing the high-density decking wood, with less moisture content. This finest quality hardwood available at ABS Wood varies from light to dark red-brown or brown to dark brown, sometimes with a purple tint.

Is Hickory good for trailer decking?

Most equipment trailer decking that use softwood is six inches wide and two inches thick. From contributor R: Hickory will work fine, just about any wood will as long as it doesn’t have ground contact or doesn’t stay wet for long periods. Don’t park it under trees or allow debris to build up on it.

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Is pressure treated wood good for trailer deck?

Pressure treated Pine flooring is the most commonly used wood flooring material in trailers. The abundant supply of Pine wood in the south coupled with its sturdy nature make for a solid basic flooring choice.

Can white oak be used for a deck?

You can use white oak HEARTWOOD for decking and it hold up very nicely. The sapwood will rot quickly.